The whole point of buying from us at is to make sure you end up with the product for your truck, plain and simple.

We want you to feel 100% confident in each purchase, it’s kind of our thing. HELLO, that’s why we partnered with our network of dealers to begin with. That’s why we have a stupid simple return policy you’re gonna really like… Let’s go to our patented four step easy peasy process.

  2. Pack It Back Up
  3. Leave with Your Pickup Dealer
  4. Receive Refund or New Item


Email works too if you are unable to call. See below for our phone number, email, and hours of operation. Unlike that girl from spring break back in college, this is our real phone number.

Customer Service: 866-356-6555
Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm CST

Q: Pack It Back Up

Once we determine your product needs to be sent back, it’s time to pack it. Do the best you can to pack your product back into its original packaging as best as humanly possible, help us out here! Our return policy is pretty much amazing, so we’re asking pretty please with sugar on top.

Q: Leave with Your Pickup Dealer

Yup, you read it right. Once we’ve determined your product needs to come back, we will pick it up from your preferred Pickup Dealer. Since we run our own trucks from our warehouse to our network of Pickup dealers, we’re able to pick up the product at your preferred Pickup location without having to mess with those pesky couriers!

Remember that phone call from earlier (step 1)? Well, once we confirm your product either needs to be returned or exchanged, we will find the Pickup location that’s best for you and let them know to expect you so everyone is on the same page!

Q: Receive Refund or New Item

Once the product is received at our warehouse, we'll issue your refund or ship the new item to your preferred Pickup dealer.

Return and Exchange Fees

Fee Type Percent of Item Purchase Price
Returns 20% Restocking Fee
Exchanges 0% restock fee

That’s right, we said 0% exchange fees. You order the wrong part or needed something different? That’s what was made for! We want you to purchase with confidence and work with your local dealer to make sure you got the right item, we’re not gonna penalize you for it if you need to make an exchange.

However, in cases of abuse where product has obviously been used or damaged or was purchased over a month ago from our dealer we will not be able to honor this. Basically, if a customer tries to abuse the system and it’s blatantly obvious that’s just not cool and we can only do so much.

If any return or exchange is the fault of PickupForTrucks, no fees or penalties will be incurred.